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Hello folks..
I got a VFR NC30 well maintained 32k kms run bike in my neighbourhood.
The bike is on sale.
My knowledge about bikes sucks corocdile balls.
Can this bike be a good track bike for me ?
I have no clue how good these old bikes are or how good the gear driven OH cams are or whatever. I just ride my bikes at the track. Also I have taken all four levels at california superbike school and my sort of riding is heavily inclined towards sports riding and cornering.
How bullet proof are the engines on these bikes. I test rode it and it was pulling strong ( I currently own a 2010 Fireblade and an 08 600RR but this felt very efin low and different)
What good can V4 be and how good is this particular v4 ?

Basically if you were me, assuming its a well maintained bike(which it is), will you buy it at 4500 USD ?

Sorry if this is posted int he wrong section...I am just desperate on having this bike and I need to make up my mind in the next 24 hours !
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