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I have a 2008 CBR 1000 RR and last year at about 4500 miles it started behaving strangley. It started out when the bike was hot and had been standing for about 10 mins, occasionally when it was restarted it would idle roughly and then when accelerating reasonably gently or holding constant revs at say 3k it would stutter a few times and then clear, it continued doing this for a few mins (or possibly till it'd had a few more runs throught the gears) at which point it was back to normal.

I then took it to Spain for a 2500 mile tour, it started to get worse which i put down to the ambient temp being so much higher, then around half way round it started getting vibey at speed. which in my opinion got worse over time.

I suspected a misfire so I changed the plugs when i got back to the UK which did cure the stuttering but not the the vibration....

an attempt to describe the feeling is as follows, when i first got the bike on accelerating it almost made a whining noise, (always thought it sounded a little like a supercharger). well it still does this when it's cold. When it warms up it sounds rougher and the whine is gone. if you accelerate from say 20 to 80mph it feels reasonably smooth but once you've rolled off and on again at 80 (in traffic for instance) it starts to feel rough and vibey. After riding it for about 10 miles at 80mph it sometimes feels like riding a twin.

I've had it to a honda dealer who say it's fine but I don't think (despite asking them over and over) that they've been on a ride long enough to bring out the symptoms. They checking it with an OBD scanner and say it's OK there too.....

I'm fairly sure it's not in my mind and it didn't used to do it......

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

The bike has covered 10,000 miles now, doesn't use excessive oil. maybe max to min on the stick in about 1500 - 2500 miles depending on riding.

the vibration goes away when you pull the clutch in at speed so i am pretty certain it's engine vibration.

Can anyone help???

Thanks in advance


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gosh pal you seem to a cocktail of gremlins here.

would be useful if you give any info about any mods/ changes on the bike.

Fuel vapor lock would be my first suspect for the hot starting & misfiring issue.

If the engine is not running on all cylinders, then you can get the lumpy/ vibration. This could also be caused by fuel starvation such as restriction / blockage in the fuel delivery system.

I find the fuel consumption a good indication on how the engine is running. Has this changed since your problems started?

However neither of the above explains the whine! Could it be the clutch playing up? There was a clutch recall on this model, has it been done.

I hope another member can pick up the baton with better suggestions & ideas
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