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Hi all,
Thought it would be fun to log a few race results here as I now am racing for the wing'ed team.
I am an Australian C-Grader and currently only race state club and interclub rounds however am planning to do a couple of Australian rounds before the end of the year.
My name is Corey Small, I ride an 05 CBR1000RR and do it more for fun than anything else. I race in two series (Hartwell, and for Newport Braybrook in the interclub series). I am Third in the Hartwell series and about 7th in the interclub series (I think)
Before this I rode an 01 R1 and have had the Blade for the last 2 rounds. I finished outside the podium positions but stole a few thirds here and there. That all changed with the Blade!!!!
Hartwell MCC Championships Round 3 - Broadford
Friday practice:
First time out on the Blade, didn't understand the suspension at all. I have Showa factory stuff front and rear and was completely lost with the set up. I started from scratch and finally got over the initial "fall" into the corner problem by lowering the bum of the bike and chatter by adjusting the rebound and compression (I did get some help).
The times fell from 1.06 at the start of the day to consistent low 1.02's (PB on the R1 was 1.02.01, Yet to be beaten at this point) Couldn't get the 195 Dunlop to stick so I decided to change over in the morning to a more aggressive profile.

Saturday racing (2 practice sessions and 2 Qualifying races)
Practices felt good. Fuel burn was 0.5l per lap and times were dropping again to inside the 1.01's. Lining up for race 1 on the outside of the 3rd row I knew I was not in a good position to enter turn 1. Not to worry, I stalled on the line and everyone passed me. I re-started the bike and fought threw the field to Third place by the end of the race. Not bad for race 1.
Race 2 was a better result. I got off the line well, ended up in second place after turn 3 and fought the race leader on the 3rd lap for the eventual victory. This was my first ever race win

Sunday Racing (2 Championship races)
After a good start to the weekend, the grid positions were reshuffled for the two championship races. I was to start of second place on the grid. The lights went out and I entered turn 1 in 4th spot after a medium start. Coming down the back straight, I passed 2 more riders and set the leader up for a pass coming onto the main straight. The tyres didn't quite bite and I lost the front around the cold, off-camber left hander. After the dust settled (and the pack passed me) I picked up the machine and rejoined in last (with quite a sore pelvis from a big rock that got in my way).
I fought back through the field and hunted down the front group. I got back to 4th place by the chequered flag and had some great stories to tell about deep braking moves and the sheer acceleration of the new machine.
Race 4, all taped up and ready to roll, I started from 2nd again. Another poor start left me in 4th again however the warmer track was more confidence inspiring and I held the outside position to slingshot around into second (with a little elbowing). The racing was tight but I held strong and tried a last lap pass on the leader and went wheel for wheel over the line. Second was the official result!

Well, First round on the new machine and I had put myself in a fighting position. My championship points are up and there are sunny days on the forecast.
Next round: Winton July 22nd and 23rd


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