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Was there ever a 'monster edition' CBR1000RR?

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I saw this on craigslist:
2006 06 Honda CBR 1000, black, Monster Edition

2006 "Monster Edition" CBR1000RR. Ummm....was there ever one made? Or is this just a black bike that someone put Monster decals on it?
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Must be some, who just put the stickers on.
"Monster" was sponsoring Kawasaki, when they were in the MotoGP, as far as I remember
Correct, the Monster editions are on the '09 Kawi's. There were several variants available, the 6r,10R and 14 I know for sure. Then I believe there were a few in the MX series and possibly others.
The 6 and 10 were gorgeous and they had a great feel to them. They just did not balance under me sitting still as easily as my 929 does and they riding postion is of course lower. It was a much better feeling bike compared to the Suzukis and Yamahas. I never rode any of them, that was my evaluation in the dealer showroom.
As above.

Know a guy with a monster zx10r.
Just stickers...
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