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Good morning all.
Got an issue with my bike, and I'm hoping I can get some help on here.
I've recently put a second hand engine into my Australian delivered 2004 CBR 1000RR. The engine is from an 06.
Got it in, all wired and plumbed up. First push of the starter and boom, fired right into life but idling around 3000. Let it sit like that for 2 min to burn all the oil out of the chambers (only 2 min cos radiator isn't hooked up yet).
Turned it off and tried to turn it back on after a minute or so. It just cranked but didnt fire up. I tried the primer bubble thing above the idle adjustment knob but no joy. Figured the fuel was empty so chucked in 5L: nothing.
Realised the fuel pump wasn't buzzing when I turn the key like it should. Figured that was the problem but was too tired to investigate further at that point, so I disconnected the dash loom to preserve the battery and left it at that.
Yesterday afternoon I went back in and hooked up the dash loom again and turned the key, and the pump buzzed into life. Pressed the starter and boom, running good (idle at 2k now??). Cool. Problem sorted it's self out I thought.
Wrong. :crying:
After fiddling with a few things realised that if I disconnect the main loom to the headlights/dash for a couple of minutes and reconnect it, it will start the pump on the key turn and run when started but only once. I have to repeat the process to get it to fire again.
Have these bike got a ****ed up security system or something? Its got HISS but I havent changed anything to do with the ignition system so I'm not sure what to do. :huh:
Also, the shifter doesn't seem to be going into neutral, the neutral light does not show up on the dash, and the clutch is REALLY light, almost like it's not engaging at all even after I bled it (had to because of the installation process). Anyone able to assist with any of this? :idunno::idunno::idunno:
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