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have a set of Carrozeria's for a 929 for sale about 1000miles on the rims and tires which were purchased together along with vortex sprocket. will sell all together for $1450 shipped to U.S. states. will ship to canada but shipping expense would be appreciated. I live in Dayton Ohio

Also have 2 micron pipes one bolt on, in good condition and 1 slip on thats got a couple small dings would look for $130 each and will work out shipping.

have set of bohemian rear sets. these are made to order from a mom and pop shop so they are much more affordable yet still work very well. they are molded after woodcraft, they are fully adjustable and can also be switched to moto gp reverse syle. they are easy to install but would need the rear brake pressure switch if you want them to light up when you use only your rear brake(i didn't get one cause i usually use both brakes or just front) i would like $200 for those. category=47&sub_category=93&status=1&osCsid=vi0n5othhc70ch1gtol8jlc0a4

have face gauge in good condition registers around 18k if i remember right. will sell for $120

have dog bone for stock and 2" lowering position, $35

have swing arm color is black(its off an erion) $60

have forks perfectly straight for $100

radiator and overflow-$40

may have other small items like stock header and small things just ask and feel free to make offers on anything you see on this page


1 - 20 of 41 Posts
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