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White Smoke

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I had the 32000 mile service completed about a month ago (shimed six valves, replaced all oils, air filters, fuel filters +)and have covered 170 miles since. I had noticed white smoke from the exhust but this has been doing that from when I bought the bike and would stop after a minute or two. That was just condensation in the exhaust. Now it smokes when I open the throttle. Due to ride 300 miles today so checked all fluids yesterday. When I checked the dipstick there was white cream fluid on the thread of the dip stick. I know that this is most probabley water/coolent in the engine mixing with the oil. I have contacted the garage that did the 32000 mile service and am waiting for them to call me back. The query is could this have happened after 170 miles of normal riding if all seals/gaskets were replaced properley after the service. I have a feeling that they were not but need to know if this could have happened any other way. It is a 98 F3. I was told of no issues when the bike was collected. Any help is gratefully received.
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Dont worry about a bit of smoke, i started my r6 last night for the first time in 6 weeks at 18 degrees F and she smoked til she got warmed up.
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