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Will an sp2 shock fit on an sp1?

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I am new to this forum and cant find any information on if a standard sp2 shock will fit on an sp1? Mine is corroded and i want a newer looking shock, and used sp2 shocks seem to be in better condition.
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Ohlins lists a single part number so I bet you can.
Has anyone tried to put the sp2 shock on an sp1 before. What are the differences in the two shocks?
It will fit no problem, have had one on my sp1 for the last couple of years.
Cheers for the feed back. Does it feel any different to the sp1 shock?
The sp2 swing arm is a little longer than sp1, so spring and valving may be a bit stiffer on the sp1 with the same shock than on the sp2. Try it, depending on your weight and use and if it fills like a brick swap the spring with one of a lower rate and open up the valves some. Remember the shag exercise when setting up, it is very important starting point for suspension set up.
The bike feels much better. The original shock had a stuck rebound adjuster took it to my then local bike in Mt Eden to get it fixed and yeah they fixed it all right. When they had "fixed it" they really had ****ed it!. The bike wallowed and was heavy to turn. Constantly wanted to go wide when leant over at the track days and on the road. Had to fight it everywhere no amount of set up would cure it.
Put in the Sp 2 shock different bike, I have raced and rode bikes for years and the shock feels great. Compliant and not to stiff. I weigh 85/90kg more like 100kg with gear on.
The only thing i wish i had done was measure the shocks lengths.
Cheap way to fix the bike if you cant splash out on an Ohlins.
I have a Penske on my SP2. Same as an SP1.
I have a Penske on my SP2. Same as an SP1.
What was the spring rate offered as standard by Penske, I bet you had options, but if the same shock was offered was there a different rate for SP1 and SP2?
If the swingarm is longer then the linkage must be radically different to provide the same spring rate at the axle.
Suspension makers can alter the ratio via shock design. Could this be a possibility?.
Spring rates are spring rates, there isn't much to play with. WP PDS claims to have damping rates that simulate a linkage but KTM is giving up on the deficencies of their system and returning soon to the traditional linkage type.
Anyway the shock valving has changed (I think) even between SP2 as base valve settings have changed through the years.
The suspension geometry between SP1 and SP2 is very different, as is weight distribution. So any manufacturer that claims one shock fits all is just trying to sell stuff not to provide with a solution. Most of us are firm believers that a finely tuned stock suspension is better than top of the line after market parts that aren't really set up or matched correctly.
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