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Wiring in heated clothing

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I don't have access to my shop manual this week, and I'm eager to get some Gerbings heated clothing, but I can't seem to find the available wattage I could pull from the bike to power some new gear.

Does anyone know how much power is left from the electrical system to power things? Thanks.

Oh yeah, it's on '08 Fireblade, and I'm going to add a Zumo 550 next month.
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That's what I was asking. I know the bike puts out about 500 watts (courtesy of the Honda corporate site), but I don't know how much power the bike consumes on its own, and thus, what's left to power other things before it drains the battery. Was just asking if someone had the numbers from the manual handy, and I guess I'll just be patient and wait until I get home so I can just look it up.

I don't know whether to thank you or to curse you for typing all that out...:cool:
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