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Wiring in heated clothing

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I don't have access to my shop manual this week, and I'm eager to get some Gerbings heated clothing, but I can't seem to find the available wattage I could pull from the bike to power some new gear.

Does anyone know how much power is left from the electrical system to power things? Thanks.

Oh yeah, it's on '08 Fireblade, and I'm going to add a Zumo 550 next month.
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  • Heat Microwire® Heat Technology
  • Source 12-volts DC
  • Current 6.4 amps
  • Watts 77 watts
  • Surface Temp 135°F +/- 5°F at 32°F
Gerbing Heated Trouser Liner

  • Heat Microwire®
  • Source 12-volts DC
  • Current 3.6 amps
  • Watts 44 watts
  • Surface Temp 125°F +/- 5°F at 32°F
These are just power consumption amount, i sure some one will be able to give the answer to the question using the above info
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So exactly how many "gee-whiz" pieces of electronics will your bike power? Well that depends on a few variables. Basically, your bikes excess electrical capacity is the alternators charging output minus the common operating load. Usually these numbers are shown in "watts".
A "watt" is a unit of measure for electrical power (P). In this case, the charging power is the product of the bikes voltage (V) and peak current (I). So P = V * I. What this mean? Simple... if the bikes alternator has a peak rating of 20 amps @ 14 volts then the peak charging output is (20 * 14) or 280 watts.
A motorcycles electrical system consists of three major parts, the alternator, the regulator-rectifier and the battery. The alternator is responsible for producing the power to keep the battery charged and power all of the electrical loads. The regulator-rectifier converts the alternator output from un-useable AC power to useable 14.4 VDC. The battery is used to both start the bike and buffer the power from the alternator.

Visit here..
Calculating Excess Electrical Capacity - Learning Center - Powerlet Products
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Copy and Paste mate

But that look like quite alot, 10Amps!
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