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I came across this site while searching for 900rr parts and find myself in need of various parts and pieces. Before anyone slags me with what I am doing with the 900rr engine I am also a biker and am not just Dr. Frankenstein......I have a Hawk GT that I have been caning since it was new....I also trials ride on a Scorpa Easy 250. I am looking for the following items and will explain what I am doing so if I have missed anything you will understand exactly what I am looking for.

Currently have a 1998 900rr engine (919cc) I purchased for a project. The motor came with most of the wiring pigtail connections along with the starter and carbs in place. However this motor is going to be used in a car so I need a complete wiring harness with all switches, relays, fusebox, ecu./cdi unit , rectifier/regulator and also the coil packs with plug wires. If the connections can be labeled when removed it would be greatly appreciated. I also need the cooling system and all hoses including rad, fan, expansion tank, filler neck and anything else, not sure is the thermostat is in the engine or outside. Fuel delivery pipes and shut off again labeled if possible?

Please let me know your asking price for these items and if you can ship to Michigan. I am located in Canada but my brother in law is in Romulus, Michigan and I can have the items shipped there. Please let me know if you can do this through Paypal or? I would prefer Paypal.
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