I dumped my beloved 2000 929RR in a parking lot in 2008.....It's been up on stands in my garage ever since, I had my other 2 bikes to ride, so it got kinda left behind. I am cleaning the garage, and selling off my other bikes, and it's time to resurrect my Blade.

I have the Red/White USA model, and need the left side OEM mirror, the entire Front Upper Cowl, and the left side main cowl, also need the entire tailpiece. I'm pretty sure I can get the screws and bolts and fairing stays from Honda, but plastic is hard to come by. I am just checking here to see if anyone needs some cash and has some old take off equipment they'd like to finally get rid of, before I use some of the parts warehouse places on the internet.

Hit me up with a PM and a price if you have any of the above that you want to let go of.

I already have the crankcase cover, have to order a new Zero Gravity Double Bubble, and some new frame sliders.