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First off, this wasn't told to me, I was misinformed at first, but you can transfer your Xbox Live account to your Xbox 360. You will need to go to and sign up to transfer it. You can also keep using your Live account on the old Xbox as well, you just can't use them both at the same time.

The new Xbox Live Marketplace is pretty cool in my opinion. So far I have downloaded a Quake 4 demo, a PGR3 Demo, Condemned demo, a few trailers, and an Audioslave Video. The demo's are really nice and I think have actually kept me from buying the titles. I like the graphics, and such, but I don't think the gameplay is to my liking. So instead of having to purchase the titles, I was able to test them out with a download. Nice. The Audioslave video is totally cool, and they seem to be adding more and more. They just posted one up for Frans Ferdinand but I haven't checked it out yet. When I was reading up on the new market place idea, I figured it would just be a new way for my kids to suck money from my credit cards and ship it to microsoft. So far they have had some interesting content that is free. I really hope they keep it up.

I give the 360 version of Live so far two thumbs up.

BTW, according to my Live friends screen, it's been about 50 days since you have been on Conq..
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