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Hello friends ....its been a while for me....but here I am
So I stumbled on some 929s and i couldn't resist
One windowed the block
The other appears solid and turns over by hand.....

So i took the bait.....hahaha
Here's the kicker one wire harness between bikes and.....
The icing on the cake...
From what I can tell it is a chopped 954 harness....
I say that because the frame is an 02 but had a 929 bolted in
Searched ebay
Not even a single solitary over priced 929 harness at all on ebay craigslist Facebook offer up swap meets friends family strangers or honda....
Help me please
Please please sale me a harness donate your to me haahahahahahahaha
or help me to understand the diagram better I know I can splice them but I don't really understand the gauge cluster portion of the diagrams
I have both diagrams 929 and 954 but the cluster has 10 functions and 20 wires......

Other wise the rest of the harness I can tackle with the power of stress and beer

Thanks in advance my friends
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