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Yet another suspension question

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New (to me) '00 929. Im a short *expletive deleted* and put a Soupys motorcycle parts,motorcycle lowering kits, on it before I actively started riding it. Ive since put about 75 miles on it and the ride is rough as hell every bump transfers through the front and rear shocks. Should I take the suspension softer or harder? and how far in either case?

Thanks in advance!!!:thumb:
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You're going to get more of that then normal because the bike is lowered. You've changed the entire center of gravity and as a result your suspension settings are out the window if you left them stock. Remember .. you have less travel time now between bottomed out and unloaded.

Not really a lot you can do that is going to make it feel much better unfortunatly. I'd try and stiffen it up a bit but I imagin you'll still get plenty of transfer feeling.
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